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How To Post Images And Videos In Forum From Mobile !


If you want to add images to your post ,then just follow this sinple process !

In any website, u can get the image link from the properties of the image....
Right click on the image -> select properties -> get the image url
directly use the option "copy image URL", this will save url to ur clipboard and paste the link as above
Similar way you can get the image URL from Facebook Pics as well...

[Image: 2lk401g.png]

You Can Click On Image Icon In Post Editor and Enter Image Url

How to post images and videos from mobile ?

To Post Image :

[img]image url here[/img]

For Youtube Video :
[video=youtube]Youtube video url here [/video]

Done !

For Posting Images located in your computer,
Upload them to
img.ur ,
You will see an BbForum Image Code in right side in this format :

[img]image url[/img]

Copy simillar type of code from there and Paste here !

Here is an example of the code you need to copy after you upload your pic :

[Image: Imgur4.png]

Once You Post All Images Url,Then Edit the Code For 1st Image as [demo] as shown below :

[Image: uw4PWmR.png]

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