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Funny WhatsApp Status Messages


Whatsapp New Status Messages 2015,whatsapp funny videos, Latest WhatsApp Jokes and Pictures.Funny WhatsApp Message Jokes in Hindi and English for WhatsApp best Funny Jokes, Adultjokes,Whatsapp statuses,Whatsapp messages


[Image: Indian-Hindi-Movies-Funny-Names-Filmo-Ke...r.com_.jpg]

[Image: blogger-image-670552883.jpg]

[Image: Langoor-Ke-Muh-Mein-Angoor-Recipe-Jokes-...r.com_.jpg]


[Image: 629.jpg]

[Image: Lovers-Funny-Jokes-Truewhatsapper.com_.jpg]


[Image: 1393612255185.jpeg]

[Image: PAPPUJOKES2.jpg]

[Image: why-paid-this-much.jpg?a718a0]

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this is right
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